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– Andrey Nugmanov, Partner, BI Block Director


Sergei Lysak
Head of business development
T.: +7 (905) 500-19-07
E-mail: slisak@at-consulting.ru

Imperfection of a company's organizational structure, accidental or intentional actions of individuals or legal entities that are directed against its interests, adverse external circumstances beyond the control of the organization, shortcomings of systems and it’s equipment — this is by far not an exhaustive list of the factors exposing telecommunications companies to operational risks daily that can lead to significant financial losses.

To help telecommunications companies in such situations, Operational Risk Management systems (Governance Risk and Compliance) are used that allow not only to build risk management processes in accordance with regulations, laws and standards (SOX, Basel II, ISO), but also to deal with business tasks, such as:

  • Identification and clear demonstration of "weak points" in business processes;
  • Building an effective organizational structure;
  • Prediction of potential damages, and calculation of capital needed to cover the damages;
  • Planning events that allow the optimization of activities within the company and to reduce costs.

AT Consulting offers a full range of services on deployment and maintenance of Operational Risk Management solutions to financial companies from world’s leading vendors, based on Oracle Governance, Risks and Compliance, SAS OPRisks Management, and SAP platforms.


AT Consulting Pacing Application Management Service Outsourcing Market for Third Year Running

September 9, 2014

IDC included AT Consulting in its Competitive Profiles and Analysis of Leading IT Services Players in Russia, the second part of a study into the 2013 Russian IT service market. AT Consulting leads in three market segments.



Elena Shmatova, CEO of OJSC VimpelCom

Thanks to our collaboration with AT Consulting we have succeeded in realizing a large-scale project to implement ERP-systems, which has taken our company onto a new level of business.

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