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Sergei Lysak
Head of business development
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An Automated Banking System (ABS) is a central and necessary component in the IT infrastructure of any bank. ABS supports the bank’s core business, providing maintenance of information on customers and transactions, reflecting all transactions in accounting, and generating mandatory reports.

When selecting an ABS, the following must be taken into account: the bank’s business concept, installed information systems, range of banking products offered, number of customers, and the number of branches and subsidiaries.

In most cases, deployment of a new ABS requires clarification of the bank’s development concept, rearrangement of business processes and, potentially, audit of information systems.

While deploying ABS, AT Consulting offers the following services:

  • Deployment project management;
  • Description of the bank’s business and functional requirements to the deployed system, modules and interfaces;
  • Analysis of gaps between the system’s functionality and customer requirements (gap analysis) ;
  • Preparation or negotiation of requirements specifications for configuration of the system or improvement (including, according to gap analysis results) ;
  • Preparation, testing, and carrying out of data migration from existing systems to the new one;
  • Preparation and carrying out of system testing (including preparation of test scenarios and examples, management of defects and improvements), functional and load testing, beta testing and pilot operation of the system;
  • Development of user manuals and other regulatory material;
  • Organization of system support.

We offer the following schemes of interaction with the customer:

  • Provision of specialists to the bank’s project team;
  • Organization of project office;
  • General contract.


AT Consulting Pacing Application Management Service Outsourcing Market for Third Year Running

September 9, 2014

IDC included AT Consulting in its Competitive Profiles and Analysis of Leading IT Services Players in Russia, the second part of a study into the 2013 Russian IT service market. AT Consulting leads in three market segments.



Valery Pankratov, CEO of SAS Russia/CIS

As a result of our cooperation with AT Consulting, we have formed an opinion about the company as an exceptionally reliable business partner, who has not had a single unsuccessful project.

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