"Companies that are leaders in their industries entrust us with their success"
– Andrey Nugmanov, Partner, BI Block Director


Sergei Lysak
Head of business development
T.: +7 (905) 500-19-07
E-mail: slisak@at-consulting.ru

The essence of IT outsourcing is the assignment of work on servicing corporate information systems (both individual, and the whole complex) to third-party specialists. In conditions of fierce competition on the market, it is necessary to support information systems at their current level.

AT Consulting provides the following IT outsourcing services:

  • Support of IT infrastructure (support of operating systems Solaris, AIX, FreeBSD, various types of Linux, Windows, support of server equipment, DBMS support);
  • 8x5, 8x7, and 24x7 support of IT systems;
  • Application management (database administration, Internet communications management);
  • Testing, preparation and carrying out measurements in live environments;
  • Handling user requests, and incident removal.

If you are experiencing a shortage of skilled software developers in your company, or do not want to divert regular employees from their current projects, IT outsourcing is the best way out of this situation. Outsourcing of support work to AT Consulting’s experienced professionals not only guarantees quality of performance, but, in most cases, also enables clients to minimize their expenses.


AT Consulting Pacing Application Management Service Outsourcing Market for Third Year Running

September 9, 2014

IDC included AT Consulting in its Competitive Profiles and Analysis of Leading IT Services Players in Russia, the second part of a study into the 2013 Russian IT service market. AT Consulting leads in three market segments.



Elena Shmatova, CEO of OJSC VimpelCom

Thanks to our collaboration with AT Consulting we have succeeded in realizing a large-scale project to implement ERP-systems, which has taken our company onto a new level of business.

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