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Alliance Bank is starting to implement the enterprise data warehouse

September 10, 2007

AT Consulting Company and Alliance Bank launched a joint project to create a corporate data warehouse. Under the project, the Bank also plans to introduce a solution that will generate all necessary reports in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The prerequisites for the creation of a corporate data warehouse served as the rapidly increasing customer base, along with the expansion of the range of services that required the introduction of a reporting system that can support the successful growth of the business, and automate the process of providing the regulatory and statistical reporting. It is expected that the move will allow the Bank to optimize the timing of reporting, while increasing transparency and quality, and reducing the load on the transactional systems and personnel.

To implement this business issue, AT Consulting was chosen, which has significant experience implementing and supporting data warehouses for financial institutions. AT Consulting Consultants will be responsible for the implementation of a data warehouse that can be a single system for the preparation of all regulatory, administrative and analytical reporting.

The first phase of the project has planned the full deployment of the IT infrastructure of the project and the development of the required reporting forms. The data warehouse will integrate basic accounting systems and will be the main source of consolidated information on the activities of the bank. There will be a special program of study for the employees of the Bank that will effectively use the tools for report generation from the first days of running a data warehouse. The remaining stages of the project are: preparing analytical reporting and data sourcing. At all stages support for data storage will be provided, both on the information, and the business sides.

Managing Director of Alliance Bank Alexei Vorontsov, speaking about the prospects of cooperation with AT Consulting, said: "We are facing major problems, and we are glad to have the opportunity to work with professionals of such high level. This project will allow us in time to make the right management decisions supported by objective data and will provide the necessary level of the Bank's business in general, and ensure compliance with high international standards for the companies that had IPO".

"We hope that the partnership with AT Consulting will be fruitful in the long-term," adds Alexander Vorotnikov, project manager of the Alliance Bank. "Our overall achievement is in building a unified data storage bank that will meet the pressing needs of the business units of the Bank and will provide a good foundation for further development. We believe that participation in the project as AT Consulting specialists is the key to systematic, hard work, and, as a result, the successful completion of the project to create the full data warehouse in the Bank."

"To create an analytic system that meets all the needs of a dynamic bank, there must be a basis on proven and reliable solutions," says Roman Rubanov, Director, Business Intelligence Practice of AT Consulting, "It takes a lot of effort in technology, even the most sophisticated still brings about the decision that meet real needs. We are confident that the project being implemented will allow Alliance Bank to significantly improve customer service and gain a significant strategic advantage in the rapidly developing banking sector of Kazakhstan."



Mikhail Kolenkin, First Deputy Head of IT block in Alfa-Bank

AT Consulting is a strategic partner of Alfa-Bank in Business Intelligence development, and they have helped us to successfully implement a number of important infrastructure and business projects.



Dmitry Serezhin, CFO, Finance Block of Alfa-Bank

Cooperation with the consultants of AT Consulting, in view of their experience and expertise, gives us confidence in the quality of the results in projects that we carry out together.

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