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AT Consulting has been included in top five suppliers of CRM and BA solutions in Russia

July 23, 2012

AT Consulting Company took part in the first Russian-language study carried out by IDC, which involved the Russian market for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and BA (Business Analytics) solutions. AT Consulting Company was one of the leading providers of services for implementing CRM and BA solutions in Russia in 2011 according to IDC, taking 7.9% and 3.7% of the market respectively.


A survey of 231 Russian companies (IT Buyers' Pulse) conducted by IDC in December 2011, revealed that 18% of companies surveyed use CRM systems. Large companies (over 500 employees) make up the main share (almost 40%) amongst companies that have already implemented CRM-solutions, and they are followed by small and medium-sized enterprises (10 to 499 employees) which together also account for about 40% of the market share.

In 2011, the Russian CRM software market (licensing and support) was worth about $80 million in suppliers' prices and the IT services market for CRM solutions exceeded $90 million in the end-user prices. Therefore, the volume of the entire market of CRM solutions, not including the integrators' margin from software sales, reached almost $170 million last year.

In 2011, AT Consulting Company implemented most of its CRM projects in financial institutions engaging in large projects for clients such as "TRUST" Bank, "OTP Credit", Kaspi Bank, amongst others.

The results achieved so far together with AT Consulting's plans for development in this sphere, are brought to our attention by Alexei Orlov a partner in the company and Director of the CRM unit: "Last year, the CRM solutions market developed quite rapidly, continuing the trend of 2010 and making up for the loss of growth caused by the financial crisis. I would say that the market has reached the first level of maturity. In most of the companies which began to implement CRM in 2011, there are employees who have experience in these successful projects, which significantly reduces the risks and increases the level of constructive engagement with the consultant. As for AT Consulting, we are pleased with the results of the past year. We have strengthened our cooperation with established customers and gained a few new ones. One of the most important projects for 2012 is the introduction of AT Consulting Amdocs CRM in OJSC "Rostelecom". A start has already been made, the first hundred users are serving clients in the new system, but ambitious plans for developing the functionality and geographical range of the solution will require serious work this year and into the next."

According to analytical data produced by IDC, the Russian market for ВА solutions (licensing and support) amounted to almost $366 million in prices of suppliers, and IT services for solutions in the field of BA – over $441 million in prices of end users. Thus, the total volume of the market in BA solutions, excluding integrators' margin from software sales, exceeded $807 million last year. IDC highlights the increased complexity of management tasks, improving culture of managers in the IT field, the need to accelerate decision-making, exponential growth of information, etc... among factors that promote the development of the market

Currently, AT Consulting has more than three hundred staff in its BI unit. In the field of BI, the company is a partner of Oracle, SAP, SAS, IBM, Microsoft, Informatica, MicroStrategy, Avaya and EMC. The main clients of AT Consulting in building BI solutions last year were "Alfa-Bank", Sberbank of Russia, "Trust" Bank, "VimpelCom" and "Rostelecom".

Trends in the Russian market for BI solutions in 2011 are commented on by Andrey Nugmanov, a partner in AT Consulting and director of the BI unit: "I would currently outline three main trends in BI. First, we can observe strong interest in operating risks. Second, expansion of campaign management (target marketing), where we are studying customer behavior in more and more detail, using in-depth analysis, and then customers are offered a variety of products or even a bundles of products. Third, the provision of information to customers is not just reported through media, such as laptops, but also in mobile form, where the key figures of the organization are summarized using mobile solutions."



Aleksandr Provotorov, President of OJSC Rostelecom

AT Consulting meets the highest criteria, and its team always tries to accomplish any tasks set for them in the most efficient and reliable way.


Sberbank of Russia

Viktor Orlovskiy, Board Member, Senior Vice-President of OJSC Sberbank of Russia

I enjoy working with AT Consulting primarily because the company's staff are focused on obtaining the desired results, and do not hesitate when faced with tough challenges.

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