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AT Consulting has begun to work with Novosibirsk Technopark

April 23, 2012

The subsidiary of AT Consulting in Novosibirsk (AT Siberia) has become a resident of the Technopark at Akademgorodok. The partnership allows residents of Akadempark to receive expert advice from AT Consulting.


Having the status of resident allows the company to use the infrastructure at the Akadempark and to have access to all of the resources that are available in the surrounding area. AT Siberia will also be able to develop partnerships with centers of finance, innovation and technology and with the leading IT companies which are resident at Akadempark. There are also special privileges connected with residence in the park. AT Siberia will locate a development center at the Akadempark, which will serve both the parent company and its branches.

All residents of Akadempark and their customers will be able to draw on the expertise of AT Consulting and propose their solutions for federal and regional programs in the fields of education, medicine, housing management and the "information society" program. AT Siberia and Akadempark plan to take part in exhibitions and conferences together, and also to jointly look for new partners in developing projects and to work actively with institutions of higher education.

"We are excited to become a resident of Academpark, as this will certainly help us to find new business contacts and help increase our network of customers. Resident status is a sign of quality, which we will prove in our day to day operations. AT Siberia is ready to support interesting ideas of technology companies already, to participate in the development of the park's infrastructure, to help in finding jobs for young up-and-coming IT professionals. AT Consulting has a decade of experience in successfully implementing automation and information systems throughout various industries. I believe that our expertise is sure to be in demand by our new partners", – CEO of AT Siberia Dmitry Gokov said.

AT Consulting branch in Novosibirsk was opened in July 2011 in order to respond rapidly to customer needs, support federal projects of AT Consulting and directly control their performance in the Siberian Federal District. In March 2012, the branch was converted into a subsidiary. Currently AT Siberia together with OJSC "Rostelecom" has an "Information Society" program. The company aims to strengthen cooperation with large enterprises of the Siberian Federal District in key sectors of the economy for which AT Consulting provides IT services: telecommunications, financial and energy sector.

"The information technology cluster of Academpark is one of the most rapidly developing areas. Supplementing it with such an element as AT Consulting, as we believe, will only strengthen our position. We are seriously considering this company, not only as a resident, leading development in IT technology, but also as a producer, in improving the infrastructure of Technopark", Academpark CEO Igor Sorokin shared his plans.



Aleksandr Provotorov, President of OJSC Rostelecom

AT Consulting meets the highest criteria, and its team always tries to accomplish any tasks set for them in the most efficient and reliable way.



Valery Lanovenko, Vice-President, Head of the Oracle Representative Office

Oracle Platinum Partner status, confirmed with specializations in our leading IT systems, is a well-deserved acknowledgement of the deep expertise of AT Consulting.

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