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August 28, 2013

AT Consulting has developed an enterprise data warehouse based on a broad portfolio of Oracle products for data storage and integration and business analysis in Leto Bank. The unified information space enables the bank to centrally manage the reference data, optimizes the information streams, maintains the data quality, and provides consistency of reports formed by different departments.


Leto Bank was established in 2012 as an organic addition to the retail business of VTB group. At the first stage of IT landscape forming, the project on deployment of an analytical system for operating results estimation and keeping up the rapid rate of development started. Oracle solutions which provided fast web access to actual information were chosen as a technological platform. The system was grounded on corporate Oracle Business Intelligence Suite EE Plus, Oracle Data Integration EE, and Oracle Database EE and Partitioning, Tuning Pack, and Diagnostics Pack running on advanced Oracle Weblogic Server EE. AT Consulting was the deployment partner.

The project started in late July, 2012. During the first stage finished in October, the kernel of the warehouse was designed and developed, the core banking system being used as a data source. At the same time the deployment team worked out the request mart, the credit portfolio, and more than ten managerial and analytical reports. AT Consulting employed other sources, enhanced the data loading from the IT systems, and developed new marts and reports within each subsequent stage lasting about three months. Besides, the team adapted the reference data management, the data quality control, and other functional units required for easy use and fast managerial decisions.

Nowadays, the system is in commercial operation. The warehouse is connected to eight data sources. More than 80 reports and marts have been realized for different departments of the bank. The delivery of all the analytical reports is carried out via the data warehouse according to the time and date specified.

«By the official opening of the bank we have received a convenient tool which structures, stores, and analyzes information from all the banking systems. It enables the senior managers to view business results in whole and quickly react to any events: put new products on the market, access risks, and etc. There is no doubt that preparation of such reports contribute to the managerial decision speed,” commented Sergey Chikov, Head of Systems Application Architecture Department at Leto Bank.

“We faced the near-impossible task: the bank was supposed to trace the key business parameters by using a full-scale Business Intelligence solution in a month and a half after the project launch. Thanks to the team of specialists who have unique engineering and business expertise and the employment of up-to-date Agile methodologies we have achieved the quick result,” added Grigory Danishevsky, Director of the Special Solutions Practice at AT Consulting.



Elena Shmatova, CEO of OJSC VimpelCom

Thanks to our collaboration with AT Consulting we have succeeded in realizing a large-scale project to implement ERP-systems, which has taken our company onto a new level of business.



Mikhail Kolenkin, First Deputy Head of IT block in Alfa-Bank

AT Consulting is a strategic partner of Alfa-Bank in Business Intelligence development, and they have helped us to successfully implement a number of important infrastructure and business projects.

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