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AT Consulting has completed the next stage of the ERP system deployment in Rostelecom

October 8, 2012

AT Consulting has deployed a unified Enterprise Resource Planning system in Rostelecom’s macro-regional branches "Center" and "Far East." The accounting and reporting tool is based on the Oracle E-Business Suite R12, which has already been put into operation in the Corporate Center, Production and Training Center, and the "Capital" branch.


On April 1, 2011, the Rostelecom company was established, which consisted of seven combined multiregional companies (MRCs). Historically, as an Enterprise Resource Planning system, Microsoft Axapta was used in OJSC Rostelecom, in conjunction with the Human Resource Management system "Boss-Kadrovik", and all MRCs solutions used were based on the Oracle E-Business Suite R11i. For the purpose of the unification of business processes in the company, the decision was made to implement a unified ERP system.

Oracle E-Business Suite R12 was chosen due to its powerful potential in the area of business management. The system is expected to be used by more than 30 thousand users, exclusive of self-service applications, which can be accessed by any employee who can view their paysheet, holiday application, etc. "The deployment of Oracle E-Business Suite R12 deals with several tasks at once. First of all, the system will increase the transparency of the business, which will provide prompter and more accurate managerial decision-making. We also expect a reduction in costs for the investment and procurement processes, faster reporting, elimination of expenses associated with the support of multiple IT systems," says Dmitry Kazarinov, Director of the Department for Business Support Corporate System Development Projects in Rostelecom.

The project was launched simultaneously with the reorganization of "Rostelecom" and was divided into several stages: pilot deployment in three operating units (Corporate Center, the "Capital" branch, and Production and Training Center), and system deployment in the MRB "Center", MRB "Far East", MRB "Volga", MRB "Siberia", MRB "Ural", MRB "North-West", and MRB "South."

"This project is quite different from the typical deployment of an information system. The team consists of more than 300 experts from Rostelecom, AT Consulting and contracting organizations. The scale, importance and deadlines of the project, organizational changes accompanying the deployment all makes this project very significant. Despite some difficulties, we’ve been able to build a clear communication that is now supported by all participants of the project," commented Mikhail Nelkin, Project Manager, AT Consulting.

Now, the system has been successfully put into operation in the Corporate Center in Moscow, as well as in the macro-regional branches: "Center" and "Far East." Full deployment is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2013. Within the framework of the project, modules have been implemented that automate financial planning and data consolidation, separate accounting, tax and management reporting, procurement management, accounts payable management, fixed assets management, cash flow control, investment project management, control of various financial instruments, human resource management (accounting, remuneration, and training).



Elena Shmatova, CEO of OJSC VimpelCom

Thanks to our collaboration with AT Consulting we have succeeded in realizing a large-scale project to implement ERP-systems, which has taken our company onto a new level of business.



Aleksandr Provotorov, President of OJSC Rostelecom

AT Consulting meets the highest criteria, and its team always tries to accomplish any tasks set for them in the most efficient and reliable way.

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