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AT Consulting has created a data store for the "Alliance Bank"

July 8, 2008

AT Consulting Company announced the completion of the project on the creation of a data warehouse for the "Alliance Bank".


The project started in August 2007. For four months, a survey reporting and transacting systems of the bank were held, which resulted in terms of reference for the implementation of storage being developed. In November 2007, when all the technical specifications had been fully coordinated, the development of the system was initiated. Development and testing were carried out within 4 months, which revealed many shortcomings in accounting in the banking systems. To solve these problems, the consultants of AT Consulting implemented a complex monitoring of reports in which the bank employees were able to easily and very quickly catch and correct any errors that occur when working with the system.

"The aim of the project was to develop a full-scale single enterprise data warehouse that would easily satisfy the requirements for the construction of the bank accounts of all departments, a senior manager of the company BI AT Consulting Rostislav Panarin commented. "To begin with, a number of tasks stood in front of us: the analysis of the banking systems, the development of the model and the concept of downloading data directly to the development of the data warehouse, development of eighty-three report forms that meet all regulatory requirements for reporting. In addition, the first phase meant the development and attribution of four large management reports, which are more important and surpass many of the other management and analytical reports. No less important was the development of the client interface for the consolidation of financial results of the bank with the financial performance of subsidiaries and construction of a consolidated IFRS financial statements."

As a result of this introduction, bank has received a system to consolidate information from five major sources. The system allowed us to realize 72 mandatory reporting forms to be submitted to the regulatory authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 7 reports of IFRS and 4 management reports. At the same time, the system performs as a powerful tool for downloading the financial performance of subsidiaries of the bank as well as the quality control.

"The main difficulties we faced in the project arose from the fact that the transaction systems used by the bank were largely obsolete. What was surprising was the portion of transactions conducted "on pieces of paper" in the bank and the fact that staff kept important information "in their head." So we had to develop a set of programs for the calculation of the required parameters for reports based on indirect evidence. Thanks to the coordinated actions of the joint team of consultants and the staff of "Alliance Bank", the results exceeded all expectations. After some time, the development of a data warehouse can be one of the key systems of the bank, which will quickly and easily take the reporting requirements, quickly and efficiently developing new products and to respond quickly to any changes in demand for banking services", - concluded Rostislav Panarin.



Dmitry Serezhin, CFO, Finance Block of Alfa-Bank

Cooperation with the consultants of AT Consulting, in view of their experience and expertise, gives us confidence in the quality of the results in projects that we carry out together.



Mikhail Kolenkin, First Deputy Head of IT block in Alfa-Bank

AT Consulting is a strategic partner of Alfa-Bank in Business Intelligence development, and they have helped us to successfully implement a number of important infrastructure and business projects.

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