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April 23, 2014

AT Consulting has automated the retail-product sales and services operations in Leto Bank on the basis of the recent version of Oracle Siebel CRM. Due to the Oracle Open UI, the CRM system operates in all browsers including those for mobile devices.


The project on the CRM implementation started in August, 2013. At present, granting and support of point-of-sale credits, consumer cash loans, and debit cards, logistics for credit history and cards at customer offices of the bank, and centralized automated management of roles and users of the solution are performed using the Oracle Siebel CRM platform. The system allows of quick introduction of new products to the market and increase in the volume of transactions. In addition, the system is integrated with web cameras for automatic photographing of clients, which reduces the time for preparation of loan applications considerably. The number of system users comes to 19 000 employees of Leto Bank and partner commercial organizations.

“It has been very important to get a CRM system capable of maintaining the rapid development of Leto Bank, organizing unified sales of banking products, and making client servicing prompt and convenient. A reliable platform for system development and introduction of new products to the market has been created”, commented Sergey Bochkarev, Deputy CEO of Leto Bank.

The project developed in two stages. At the first stage which ended in October, 2013 the new processes of credit-broker granting of loans were automated. As a result of the second stage ended in February, 2014, all the front office operations with retail products and the client data were reengineered and transferred to the platform and the new processes were automated.

“We launched the system within a very short period of time. During sixth months the joint team consisting of 50 specialists realized the complex CRM functionality and carried out the integration of ten information systems of the bank. Due to the flexible solution and the team of experts, the new platform was embedded in the IT architecture with minimal changes in the adjacent systems. The open interface permits to operate the CRM in all browsers. It is worth noting that Leto Bank is among the first to apply the Oracle Open UI technology commercially in Russia”, said Sergey Shilov, Founder and Managing Partner of AT Consulting.

In the near future, Leto Bank plans to automate the operations with claims, marketing campaigns, and credit cards.

AT Consulting had already built a unified enterprise data warehouse and an identification and account management system based on Oracle products in Leto Bank.



Valery Lanovenko, Vice-President, Head of the Oracle Representative Office

Oracle Platinum Partner status, confirmed with specializations in our leading IT systems, is a well-deserved acknowledgement of the deep expertise of AT Consulting.



Valery Pankratov, CEO of SAS Russia/CIS

As a result of our cooperation with AT Consulting, we have formed an opinion about the company as an exceptionally reliable business partner, who has not had a single unsuccessful project.

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