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April 9, 2014

AT Consulting has finished the second stage of development of the Autopayment information system in Sberbank of Russia. The new platform provides an opportunity for clients of Sberbank to make automatic electronic payments or repayments for housing and utilities, taxes, loans, telephone communications, and the Internet. The number of subscriptions have increased to 1 500 000 for the year and a half of system operation.


In late 2010 Sberbank of Russia launched the automatic top-up service for mobile-phone account recharging. Shortly after the launch there arose a need for a new scalable information system which would enable all the clients of Sberbank to make automatic payments for services of different providers who had contracts with the bank.

In December 2011 the AT Consulting team was given a task to develop a new autopayment platform that would have rich functionality and show high reliability and performance. The first stage of the project included development of a system supporting the service of automatic housing and utilities payments (payments by a unified payment document, energy consumption, gas consumption, heating, and home protection) of debts or a fixed amount defined by a client. In June 2012 the system was brought into operation. At present the second stage of the project is complete and automatic payments or repayments for housing and utilities, taxes, loans in other banks, the Internet, and fixed telephone communications are carried out in the new system. The system developed by AT Consulting permits clients of Sberbank to control the maximum amount of write-offs, refuse the manual payment process, write off a sum exceeding the limit, watch the payment progress, and use the service from self-service machines, via Sberbenk Online, and in the bank departments.

“The new Autopayment platform is in consistent growing demand with our customers. We have increased the customer loyalty and have reduced offices’ workload considerably”, - said Igor Mamontov, Director of Payments and Transferrs at Sberbank of Russia. A feature of the project consists in close integration of the Autopayment system with the IT environment of Sberbank. The solution is integrated with the online bank, the mobile bank, the processing system, several automated banking systems of Sberbank, and payment systems. The solution is intended to ensure effecting up to 500 000 payments per hour.

“We are glad to work with such a creative client as Sberbank. Our close cooperation has resulted in appearance of the unique product in the market and consolidation of the position of Sberbank as the market leader”, commented Dmitry Sagalaev. Sberbank of Russia and AT Consulting plan to carry out migration of automatic payments for mobile communication to the new platform and expand the payment channels by using the regional database of service providers.



Valery Pankratov, CEO of SAS Russia/CIS

As a result of our cooperation with AT Consulting, we have formed an opinion about the company as an exceptionally reliable business partner, who has not had a single unsuccessful project.



Mikhail Kolenkin, First Deputy Head of IT block in Alfa-Bank

AT Consulting is a strategic partner of Alfa-Bank in Business Intelligence development, and they have helped us to successfully implement a number of important infrastructure and business projects.

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