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AT Consulting is the leader in the market for application management outsourcing in Russia

September 7, 2012

The document is based on data for 92 companies, considering the volume of IT services provided by them, and also includes a detailed market analysis from the positions of companies in various functional market segments and industrial sectors. According to IDC, in 2011 the IT services market in Russia amounted to nearly USD 6 billion, thus exceeding the 2010 results by 27.2 per cent.


AT Consulting is present in three market segments. The company ranks first among providers of Application Management Outsourcing, with 16.6 per cent of the total share of the segment, and with revenues of around USD 20 million. According to IDC classification, application management means services which help to ensure the continuous operation, maintenance, and adjustment of enterprise applications. This includes end-user support, and services of modernization, optimization, and upgrade of software packages. This area accounts for about 16 per cent of AT Consulting sales in the field of IT. So, in 2011, the company implemented projects in this sector for both commercial and governmental organizations, staffed by more than 1,000 employees. The total volume of this segment in 2011 reached USD 111.04 million.

AT Consulting ranks third among providers of consulting services in the field of Application Consulting and Customization, with a share of 6.8 per cent and revenues of approximately USD 69.5 million. This category of services includes modification of existing applications and configuration of replicated software applications according to the specific business needs of the customer, as well as contracts related to assessment of software. This area represents a half of all IT services provided by AT Consulting. The main customers of these services are telecommunications companies (almost 40 per cent), government organizations (35 per cent), and banks (20 per cent). The total volume of this segment in 2011 reached USD 932 million.

Among providers of Custom-made Applications Development, AT Consulting ranks seventh, with a 4% market share and sales of USD 30 million. These services include writing custom code, and development of interfaces and add-ons to existing applications and typical program blocks. The total volume of this segment in 2011 reached USD 673.13 million.


Sberbank of Russia

Viktor Orlovskiy, Board Member, Senior Vice-President of OJSC Sberbank of Russia

I enjoy working with AT Consulting primarily because the company's staff are focused on obtaining the desired results, and do not hesitate when faced with tough challenges.



Aleksandr Provotorov, President of OJSC Rostelecom

AT Consulting meets the highest criteria, and its team always tries to accomplish any tasks set for them in the most efficient and reliable way.

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