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AT Consulting optimized insurance statements for ROSNO

March 3, 2008

AT Consulting Company announces the successful completion of a project to optimize the insurance information system for OJSC "ROSNO".


In November 2007, the ROSNO Company invited AT Consulting Company to participate in the development and support of corporate and regional information systems – development of third-party outsourcing companies. The decision to bring in specialists of AT Consulting was made in connection with the problems of handling the increasing flow of requests for revision of systems and their inability for effective treatment.

The main objective was to optimize the reporting system RKIS as performance in reports from the RKIS database was very far from desired. In particular, quarterly reporting of the company suffered from significant delays. According to the survey, the three most "heavy" and business-critical reports were selected for optimization. The increase of report generation by 2.5 times was recognized as a successful solution to the problem.

"In my experience working in insurance companies, as well as the experience of my colleagues, I know that reporting systems are often created off the cuff (if necessary), without proper analysis and design," said project manager from AT Consulting Andrei Nikitin. "The basic requirement for such projects is the speed of implementation of the new report, but the performance issues are often overlooked. As a result, with increasing amounts of data, number of users and the number of reports (which may negatively affect each other) the performance begins to degrade. But since business requires more and more records, nobody takes responsibility for this. Furthermore, such optimization is not a simple task, sometimes it can be very stressful and requires great knowledge and experience."/p>

"In general, IT-outsourcing 'scares' people because of the following: loss of control and security, and in the end, no result. However, in the case of the optimization of the reporting we have almost no risk: This is the second joint project with AT Consulting, and once again our observations were correct. Now the information system meets the requirements of business and promotes the leadership of "ROSNO" among universal insurance companies," Alexey Kopylov, director of information technology support department in "ROSNO" commented the completion of the project.



Aleksandr Provotorov, President of OJSC Rostelecom

AT Consulting meets the highest criteria, and its team always tries to accomplish any tasks set for them in the most efficient and reliable way.



Valery Lanovenko, Vice-President, Head of the Oracle Representative Office

Oracle Platinum Partner status, confirmed with specializations in our leading IT systems, is a well-deserved acknowledgement of the deep expertise of AT Consulting.

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