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AT Consulting provides support for SAP ERP, BI in OJSC "IDGC of Siberia"

July 30, 2012

AT Consulting Company has signed a contract with OJSC "IDGC of Siberia" for technical support and development of automated management systems for financial and economic activity (unified automated management system abbreviated as "UAMS FKhD"), as well as maintenance management and repair of equipment (corporate integrated management system abbreviated as "CIMS TORO").


UAMS FKhD systems are based on the SAP ERP platform, BI and the CIMS for maintenance based on the SAP ERP platform and were introduced in OJSC "IDGC of Siberia" in 2010. The systems are part of the corporate ERP system, based on SAP software allowing full automation of business processes in a power grid of a company.

As part of the project, which was planned to last about a year, staff specializing in energy companies in AT Consulting will provide technical support and development for all branches of OJSC "IDGC of Siberia". The company has plans to automate a range of functions in the purchasing program within a year, followed by the formation of a cost plan, automating the process of matching and registration of contracts for technological connection within the network, as well as automation of other critical business processes.

"Although the new direction of work in AT Consulting was created only a short while ago, we have already made a number of successful contacts with leading companies in the sector. I am sure that cooperation with OJSC "IDGC of Siberia" will help us to become a partner for other units of the holding in the future as well, and to acquire additional experience of building effective information systems based on SAP products," stated Maxim Lesnichenko - the director of the energy industry unit of AT Consulting.

The energy industry unit of AT Consulting has been providing services in the field of management and operational consulting, as well as services for implementation and support of information systems at enterprises in the fuel and energy industries since the end of 2011. As well as OJSC "IDGC of Siberia", current clients of the unit include OJSC "IDGC of the South", OJSC "Moscow United Electric Grid". The internal team has more than 70 staff.



Valery Pankratov, CEO of SAS Russia/CIS

As a result of our cooperation with AT Consulting, we have formed an opinion about the company as an exceptionally reliable business partner, who has not had a single unsuccessful project.


Sberbank of Russia

Viktor Orlovskiy, Board Member, Senior Vice-President of OJSC Sberbank of Russia

I enjoy working with AT Consulting primarily because the company's staff are focused on obtaining the desired results, and do not hesitate when faced with tough challenges.

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