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February 20, 2014

A new information system meant for automation of the multifunctional center has been put into operation in the Altai Republic. The innovative IT solution designed by AT Consulting Siberia, a resident of Academpark in Novosibirsk, will raise the availability of public services for individuals including those who live in distant mountainous regions.


According to the law, not less than 90 % of citizens are expected to have access to receiving public services via “a one-stop shop” by 2015. Only dynamic expansion of the multifunctional center network in small villages with the major part of population can lead to the achievement of the goal. However, the organization of multifunctional-center operation in these territories appears to be a challenging task. In particular, there are some problems related to timely delivery of documents between the multifunctional center and regional agencies. Regular courier document transfer is very expensive under conditions of distant regions. Occasion delivery may miss service deadlines specified in regulatory acts.

The solution developed by AT Consulting Siberia permits to overcome the problems. “We have integrated the software system of the multifunctional center with the main infrastructure components of e-Government, - explained Dmitry Gokov, CEO of AT Consulting Siberia, - In particular, the integration with the Interagency Electronic Interaction System allows of sending documents from the multifunctional center to government agencies via communication links in digital paperless form. Courier delivery becomes unneeded. A service result can be also collected via digital channels, since multifunctional centers are authorized to independently authenticate and issue statements received remotely from information systems of agencies”.

Weak communication links common for distant regions are not an obstacle for system functioning. The 128 Kbit/s line suffices for the software complex to exchange data electronically, and a special offline module allows of forming an application even if the connection is failed. All the electronic documents will be sent as intended right after the connection resuming. “In choosing a solution we have taken into account ease of installation and operation of a system, - said Mikhail Shanin, Head of Information Policy and Electronic Government Department of The Ministry of Economic Development of the Altai Republic. – It is important for developing the multifunctional center on the basis of attracted organizations. The program is expected to be user-friendly and avoid the need of expertise. The solution implemented has minimum infrastructure requirements and cloud architecture. An ordinary computer with a web browser and Internet access is enough for program running”.

Many constituent entities of the Russian Federation have shown their interest in the system developed by AT Consulting Siberia at the Third All-Russian Workshop “Multifunctional Centers of the Future. Topical Issues and Solutions” held in Moscow on February 17-18, 2014. Negotiations on solution implementation are conducted in a number of new regions.



Elena Shmatova, CEO of OJSC VimpelCom

Thanks to our collaboration with AT Consulting we have succeeded in realizing a large-scale project to implement ERP-systems, which has taken our company onto a new level of business.


Sberbank of Russia

Viktor Orlovskiy, Board Member, Senior Vice-President of OJSC Sberbank of Russia

I enjoy working with AT Consulting primarily because the company's staff are focused on obtaining the desired results, and do not hesitate when faced with tough challenges.

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