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December 23, 2013

The Novosibirsk region appears to be the first to accomplish the switch to electronic communication within delivering central and local government services. The Smart-Route software module developed by AT Consulting Siberia which is a resident of the IT cluster of Academpark has helped the region to gain the lead.


The current legislation in the delivery of public services requires releasing the people from visiting the authorities for different certificates. The state authorities are obliged to get certificates by themselves through inquiries. The Interagency Electronic Interaction System (IEIS) has been created for more effective communication. It enables the agencies to exchange data in the electronic form using secure channels without sending papers.

Smart-Route developed in Academpark has opened access to the IEIS for officers from 24 regional agencies and has provided them with exchanging data with federal bodies of government. According to Dmitry Gokov, CEO of AT Consulting Siberia, Smart-Route is easily integrated with information systems of different agencies, and so government officers work with interagency inquiries using the familiar interface of their programs. It takes from one to five days to integrate the software module, the process being not laborious.

“The advantage of the solution consists in its flexibility”, said Anatoly Dyubanov, Head of Information and Telecommunications Technology Development Department in the Novosibirsk region, “The coordination procedure between state authorities is being always changed and improved. Taking into account this fact the regional interagency system has been built in such a way that introduction of changes can be carried out within the shortest time. The system has state-of-the-art cloud architecture and open source, and so it is easy-to-use (only a web browser is needed). The maintenance and development are centrally conducted, that is, engineer’s visit is not required”.



Mikhail Kolenkin, First Deputy Head of IT block in Alfa-Bank

AT Consulting is a strategic partner of Alfa-Bank in Business Intelligence development, and they have helped us to successfully implement a number of important infrastructure and business projects.


Sberbank of Russia

Viktor Orlovskiy, Board Member, Senior Vice-President of OJSC Sberbank of Russia

I enjoy working with AT Consulting primarily because the company's staff are focused on obtaining the desired results, and do not hesitate when faced with tough challenges.

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