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Integration and demonstration of Nortel Oracle

August 22, 2006

AT Consulting and BELTEL, Russian integrator in the field of telecommunications, prepared a stand that showed the integration of Siebel CRM with Oracle Corporation on the basis of telephone exchange equipment Nortel Meridian 1.


The laboratory of the BELTEL company, there was a showcase prepared showing potential customers the benefits of a business process automation call center using Siebel CRM and telecommunications equipment Nortel.

To implement the integration of services Nortel Meridian 1, Meridian Link Services, Siebel CTI Connect were used.

The goal of the operation was to prepare a test environment to test the functional requirements for the integration of 2 platforms for a number of clients of both companies.

This is the first installation of this level in Russia, demonstrating the functionality in creating and integrating Siebel CRM with Nortel telecommunications equipment for sales, service and marketing services.

Today, CRM-system and call-centers have become one of the main factors of the effective operation of any company. With increasing competition for every new customer service improvement, it is often a strategically important task which the success of the market depends on.

The integration between Siebel CRM and Nortel equipment allows controlling functions such as:

  • incoming calls;

  • outgoing calls;

  • switching calls for the transfer of information;

  • recording the results of calls;

  • screen pop ups (automatic opening screen with customer information for an incoming call);

  • data communication applications over IP telephone;

  • organization and management of a conference call with the registration results.



Dmitry Serezhin, CFO, Finance Block of Alfa-Bank

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