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March 21, 2014

The IBM Corporation (NYSE: IBM), VimpelCom (the Beeline trademark), and AT Consulting have announced the successful implementation of the project on development of smart offers in incoming communication channels.


As a result of the joint project VimpelCom has installed an IT platform on the basis of IBM SPSS, which allows of real-time forming of personalized customer offers with taking into account reasons for reference to the provider. After the platform introduction the number of Beeline’s customers accepting offers generated on the ground of system data has increased by a factor of 3.5 in comparison with the prior period. The project has been implemented involving AT Consulting, a business partner of IBM.

“We welcome the opportunity to propose our clients just what they want there and then. A personal approach focused on customer needs becomes a basis for a customer-oriented business. It is very important for us to satisfy customer demands as quick as possible and individually. This smart solution enables our company to apply the approach to every client and even foresee his or her requirements”, commented Elena Ivashechkina, Customer Base Management Director at VimpelCom. “The solution permits to meet customer expectations and use business structures such as the call center and sales offices with better effect”, added Elena Ivashechkina.

“The project realized permits our partner to manage marketing campaigns more efficiently, employ information at a new level, and ensure a considerable competitive advantage via advanced technologies”, said Kirill Korniliev, General Manager at IBM Russia & CIS. “We are pleased to continue our collaboration with VimpelCom in implementation of the high-technology platform in digital communication channels which are the most actively developing ones”, added Kirill Korniliev.

“As far as our clients mostly use a web environment, we consider it makes sense to apply the technology of development of personalized offers to our internet services. The next phase will be to introduce the technology based on the IBM platform in the personal account, the web site, and the mobile application”, added Elena Ivashechkina.

“The project started in January, 2013. The first target-oriented campaigns were launched three months later. The successful start allowed of passing on to a regular growth of offers and their refinement with account of results obtained. During the project the joint team succeeded in realizing business requirements unique for the Russian market and applying advanced technologies such as Big Data and RTDM in a short space of time. The result is that the system based on IBM solutions determines, personifies, and displays the most important campaigns in half a second after client’s application”, said Andrey Nugmanov, Partner and Business Intelligence Block Director at AT Consulting.



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