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Starting a project for localization of TEMENOS T24 ™

December 25, 2006

AT Consulting Company and the TEMENOS Company announce a joint project to design and further develop a localized version of the automated banking system TEMENOS T24 ™.


TEMENOS T24 ™ system is one of the leading solutions of the banking market, combining a broad and flexible set of features with scalable architecture. In accordance with the partnership agreement between the TEMENOS company and AT Consulting, the localization of TEMENOS T24 ™ will include further refinement of software in accordance with Russian financial legislation.>

Working with the company as a consultant of TEMENOS, AT Consulting will help it in the design and development of the "Russian platform" TEMENOS T24 ™, with a serious focus on the fulfillment of the requirements of the Russian financial legislation.

At the moment, there are several projects for the introduction of the banking system by TEMENOS T24, together with a number of improvements in the containment system. An important feature of the "Russian platform" is that the improvements do not affect the running kernel system. The partnership between AT Consulting Company and TEMENOS will be very useful for users of T24 solutions, since AT Consulting brings local knowledge to the project, and above all - in terms of the requirements of regulations, the company will be able to guarantee the integration of TEMENOS 'Russian platform "with the current version and future versions of T24.

The implementation of this joint project will provide the company's TEMENOS customers in Russia, the presence of a localized banking system T24, meeting the requirements of the RPBU.

According to Sergey Metelsky, head of TEMENOS in the CIS and Baltic countries - "We are considering a project to localize the banking system of TEMENOS T24 ™, as an important part of the overall strategy in the Russian market. The purpose of the project is to continue to provide our existing and future clients under Russian law. "

According to the Director General of AT Consulting, Sergey Shilov, "We are very pleased that TEMENOS entrusted us with the implementation of such a landmark project. Our experience in the banking sector suggests that the project will be a success. "



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