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The group of companies of "VimpelCom" (TM "Beeline") and AT Consulting Company announced the introduction of a settlement system

September 15, 2008

A project on the implementation of the InterconnecT System (Intec, UK) was in the acquired companies OJSC "VimpelCom" in the CIS.


A joint team of OJCS "VimpelCom" and AT Consulting deployed and commissioned the InterconnecT system in the "Unitel" (Uzbekistan), "Ukrainian Radio Systems" (Ukraine), "ArmenTel" (Armenia) and "Tuckom" (Tajikistan) companies .

The settlement system can optimize the flow of traffic and increase the efficiency of the network, thereby increasing the company's revenue. Intec InterconnecT is one of the most inclusive and functional systems in this area and can handle any type of traffic: from simple voice recognition to the most innovative services in the field of data transmission. The system is used by more than 250 operators around the world, including "VimpelCom" in Russia, and has a leading position in the global market of settlement system operators.

As part of the project, each configuration of the system was carried out on the basis of existing agreements with other operators and local legal requirements, performing system integration with the GSM network, trained users system and new business processes. "The almost simultaneous launch of the system in several companies was made possible by the high professionalism of each of the joint team," said head of monitoring and control of interconnect traffic and resources of "VimpelCom" Evgeny Saburov.

The gained experience and working implementation methodology is currently used in the deployment of the InterconnecT system in the "Mobitel" Company (Georgia).



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