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The implementation of centralized business support systems

November 22, 2006

AT Consulting Company announced the completion of the first phase of implementation of centralized business support systems for the acquired operations of OJSC "VimpelCom" in the CIS.


A joint team of the Directorate of Information Technologies JSC "VimpelCom" and AT Consulting, a possible record for a project of this size, deployed key business applications, which allowed the sale and service of prepaid-subscribers in Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan under the brand "Beeline". As a result of acquired operations of OJSC "VimpelCom", the CIS countries have a set of systems that support the business processes at the level of quality and flexibility of the equivalent operations in Russia. In the case of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, deployment of centralized systems allowed the introduction of the Beeline brand into the market and the support of explosive growth of the operators’ subscriber base.

As part of the project in each country, there was a centralized billing system deployed, integrated with a prepaid-platform to implement a single payment system, and a number of systems that support the operations and subscriber billing of additional services, prepaid-subscribers. Under the program, in each country, operating and management reporting systems were deployed and data storages were implemented. This allowed the first day of sales for VimpelCom to receive standard corporate reporting and correct report of their results to the head office of OJSC "VimpelCom".

"At the beginning of the year, VimpelCom decided to deploy the standard used in Russia's IT infrastructure for all of its acquisitions in the CIS. This was a logical continuation of the strategic direction for the provision of uniform standards of quality sales and service throughout "Beeline", - said the Head of IT development in the regions and countries of the CIS, JSC "VimpelCom" Andrei Batalov. - We had no right to delay the introduction even by a single day, because the acquired operations have very ambitious goals for the local markets. A firm deadline involves teamwork, high motivation and focus on the success of the joint project team of the Directorate of Information Technology and VimpelCom AT Consulting has achieved its objectives. The result was to build the most efficient objectives in terms of manageability, monitoring and support of the IT infrastructure and learn to replicate the decisions as soon as possible, which, undoubtedly, will enable "Beeline" to quickly enter new markets. "

"We are pleased that the implementation of such a large and unique project of VimpelCom has decided to draw upon the experiences of AT Consulting - says the manager, CRM & Billing AT Consulting Group Andrei Solodilov. - From the very beginning of the project we were able to establish a team to work with the IT Directorate and build the most efficient interaction with the business and VimpelCom acquired operations in the CIS. It should be noted that professionalism was present throughout the team. The launches in each country are to be held on the scheduled date, the stability and performance of embedded systems from the start was of a very high level. Technological infrastructure will bring the brand "Beeline" to the local markets and remove any technical limitations of the commercial operations of "VimpelCom" in these countries. "

As noted by Roman Rubanov, active director of Business Intelligence, AT Consulting - "The implementation project reporting in the CIS was not easy - for six months, we created three younger brothers which was a huge data store used in the Russian "VimpelCom." It was required not only to bring accountability to corporate standards and ensure the collection of data for the headquarters, but also to provide management reporting and marketing analytics to the management and employees of acquired operators themselves. Consumers of information reporting systems are commercial and financial management, marketing management and customer service management - embedded systems allowed them to get a complete picture of the company and to work effectively with clients and partners. "

Currently, work has already begun to implement the second phase of the project aimed at supporting the processes of the subscriber credit payment system. Relationships established between processes are embedded in the operating systems. Additionally, active work on the deployment of centralized business support systems has begun in Georgia.



Maria Vozhegova, Board Member, Vice-President of IT and Operations in OJSC Rosgosstrakh

I value our partnership with AT Consulting. It is especially important for us that its specialists are focused on building long-term relationships to our mutual benefit.



Valery Lanovenko, Vice-President, Head of the Oracle Representative Office

Oracle Platinum Partner status, confirmed with specializations in our leading IT systems, is a well-deserved acknowledgement of the deep expertise of AT Consulting.

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