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The introduction of Western Life Insurance Company in the "IC Rosgosstrakh-Life" Ltd.

September 8, 2008

AT Consulting Company announces the successful completion of the project for the implementation of the industrial accounting system ALIS life insurance with insurance company "Rosgosstrakh-Life."


The system operates in all 65 regional sales points of life insurance products.

The project was implemented jointly by the project team "Rosgosstrakh" and AT Consulting, the solution provider was international company FIS Software Ltd., with the active participation of the business experts from "Rosgosstrakh".

The system allows you not only to take into account life insurance contracts, but also for an automatic and manual underwriting, together with automatically distributing payments. The system is implemented into account losses, payment of survivorship, for automatic calculation of agent commission, setting up accounting requirements of RAS.

The main advantage of the system is the flexible product model (over 2000 parameters), through which the company can respond quickly to changing market needs and customize its products. A convenient and user-friendly web interface, where agents can self-assess quotes and enter the application at any point in the country and the world where there is Internet access was developed for merchants.

According to Renat Konurbaev, Project Director: "The introduction of ALIS System was not the easiest project "Rosgosstrakh" has had to deal with. The project team had a thorny path, perhaps, this is one of the most complex implementations in the industry. However, the result was worth the effort: embedded system not only laid the foundation for long-term business of life insurance, but also brings to the overall infrastructure of companies of "Rosgosstrakh" new technological approaches and a number of modern methods of business development."

Project manager Svetlana Zakharova said that the important components of a successful launch is, first of all, unconditional support for management, professional and interested customers who were actively involved in the project from the beginning, who supported and believed in the success, motivated to start with a proven implementation provider system, and, of course, an effective and well-coordinated project team.

Evgeniya Reimer, the project leader from AT Consulting, believes that this is one of the few successful implementations of Western insurance systems in Russia: "The project was very ambitious and required huge commitments from all involved parties. Customer reviews say that the result was worth all the effort: The system is simple to use and the process of the life cycle of the contract has become much more transparent."



Aleksandr Provotorov, President of OJSC Rostelecom

AT Consulting meets the highest criteria, and its team always tries to accomplish any tasks set for them in the most efficient and reliable way.



Valery Pankratov, CEO of SAS Russia/CIS

As a result of our cooperation with AT Consulting, we have formed an opinion about the company as an exceptionally reliable business partner, who has not had a single unsuccessful project.

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