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The novelty effect: "Alfa-Bank" changed its platform

June 16, 2010

Enterprise data warehouse is one of the most critical IT systems for any bank. The level of services, analytical capabilities and capacity to support business development depends on its quality and compliance with modern standards. "Alfa-Bank" started to migrate its data storage to the new platform in the 4th quarter of 2008, and the project partner was AT Consulting Company.


To read more about the project, visit CNews.



Valery Pankratov, CEO of SAS Russia/CIS

As a result of our cooperation with AT Consulting, we have formed an opinion about the company as an exceptionally reliable business partner, who has not had a single unsuccessful project.



Aleksandr Provotorov, President of OJSC Rostelecom

AT Consulting meets the highest criteria, and its team always tries to accomplish any tasks set for them in the most efficient and reliable way.

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