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The outcome of AT Consulting in 2006

March 26, 2007

AT Consulting Company, summed up the results of work in 2006. The total income of the group of companies reached $29.7 million last year, almost double the growth (92%) compared to 2005. During the year the number of employees has increased by more than 2-fold, exceeding 400. Major trends in 2006 for AT Consulting were business growth and development related to the implementation of interesting and challenging projects.


Were concluded two strategic partnerships - with the company TEMENOS, a world leader in the development of banks and financial institutions of integrated banking systems. This partnership will offer customers a modern product and can serve as the basis for the creation of powerful centralized information system to meet the needs of large banks. And with the company InStranet Inc. - the market leader in multi-channel knowledge applications, specializing in solutions related to the optimization of processes and contextual search to help employees through the corporate client base of contact information and content-dependent application integration.

Amongst the most important projects implemented by the company in 2006, are:

In May, AT Consulting has successfully completed the launch of the Oracle e-Business Suite in the Southern region for OJSC "VimpelCom". As part of the strategic project to deploy Oracle e-Business Suite in the regions, the system has already been launched in the Siberian and North-Western regions. The functionality of the system includes the financial system, the modules of HR management and logistics management (processes of procurement, inventory and sales.) In 2007, the system of the Oracle e-Business Suite is to be deployed in three regions of Russia.

The project was completed for the organization of the tender for selecting an automated banking system (ABS) for the National Bank of Kazakhstan. The objective is to analyze the systems, pre-selected by the Bank and the subsequent organization of the tender for the selection of the supplier ABS.

In August, AT Consulting and the company InStranet Inc., were selected by "VimpelCom" for the implementation of InStranet Contact Centers in Line ™ (Knowledge Management System) in the customer support center, and sales and service offices. This application is intended to supplement the integrated technology environment of customer service with a knowledge management feature, and is used by more than seven thousand employees of the Commercial Directorate and the Customer Service Directorate in nine different time zones.

On September 1st, the AT Consulting Company opened an office in Ukraine. The decision to enter the Ukrainian market was made after a detailed analysis, the study of their needs, dynamics and trends.

In November, AT Consulting announced the completion of the first phase of a larger project to implement centralized business support systems for acquisitions of OJSC "VimpelCom" in the CIS. As part of the project, there was a deployment in each country of a centralized billing system, integration with prepaid-platform to implement a single payment system, and a number of systems that support the operations and subscriber billing of additional services, prepaid-subscribers. In addition to these systems, the project deployed an operating system, management reporting and a data warehouse implementation.

At the end of the year project started on localization of TEMENOS T24 ™. In accordance with the partnership agreement between the company TEMENOS and AT Consulting localization, the system will include further refinement of software in accordance with Russian financial legislation.

In February 2007, there was the successful completion of the first stage of the construction and implementation of the system software support for Siebel Troika Dialog. The main purpose of the work was the creation and implementation of a software support for Siebel CRM based on developed and approved policies and procedures. Currently AT Consulting provides services to the support and development of the Siebel CRM in accordance with the terms of the agreement. In addition, AT Consulting was selected as an external consultant for the organization of the tender for the selection of software solutions for the automation of insurance operations for OJSC "ROSNO".

Summing up the results for the year, the CEO of AT Consulting, Sergey Shilov said: "In 2006, AT Consulting marked the five-year anniversary work in the market of IT services. All this time, we are actively developing and stepping up efforts in business development, actively expanding the customer base in key markets, developing new areas of work and strengthening the management team. However, for us, what is important to business growth does not harm the quality of services, it is important to keep and raise the bar even higher quality of projects. In 2007, AT Consulting plans to achieve growth of at least 50% per year by building positions in the traditional segments of the market and the successful conquest of the new ones. Marketing activities planned for the year 2007 will be used to promote the AT Consulting brand. We want our customers to be proud that we work together, we recommend our colleagues and business partners."



Valery Lanovenko, Vice-President, Head of the Oracle Representative Office

Oracle Platinum Partner status, confirmed with specializations in our leading IT systems, is a well-deserved acknowledgement of the deep expertise of AT Consulting.



Elena Shmatova, CEO of OJSC VimpelCom

Thanks to our collaboration with AT Consulting we have succeeded in realizing a large-scale project to implement ERP-systems, which has taken our company onto a new level of business.

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